2Apply is InspectRealEstate’s new custom branded online application form that makes it easier for tenants to apply for properties, for your team to process applications.

A key feature of our 2Apply form is that it significantly reduces the time it takes for your tenants to apply for properties. With 2Apply they’ll only need to enter their information once and they can use their smartphone or tablet to upload all the required documentation. 2Apply then keeps this information securely stored and ready for when the tenant wants to apply for the next property.

Forget the need to receive paper applications. Everything is online and stored within your account. You can even add a link to the 2Apply form to any of your smart responses. With 2Apply you can also customize the questions asked within the form and specify the answers or information you want, so you still have your application form, your way. 

And lastly, as you may have expected, 2Apply applications are automatically fed into IRE app tracking and checking solutions. 

For more information or to activate this feature, please contact your account manager today.